Hemera Photo Object Volume 1 TORRENT

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Hemera Photo Object Volume 1


This torrent is 4 iso files

Create with ease with Hemera® Photo-Objects®images. With over 150,000 images in
three volumes, these high-performance images have a thousand uses. Pre-masked
Photo-Objects images will complement all your projects quickly - their quality
is outstanding and you don't have to mask them yourself.

Photo-Objects images are designed to work for you: each 32-bit image has its own
alpha channel, and a base resolution of 600x600 pixels (300 DPI). Quickly
search, format, resize, crop and export in a single application. Truly
dependable, our royalty-free Photo-Objects image collections are the ones you'll
come back to again and again.

open port between 49152 and 65535

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