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AllTracksGone V3.1.5


программа чистит следы вашего прибывания в интеренете.:кэш,регистер,кукисы и тд.

AllTracksGone Internet privacy history cache registry clean window washer automatically cleans your computer of files you may not want others to see, protecting your privacy. Features: Automatic- You can schedule AllTracksGone to protect your privacy by erasing your tracks automatically during the times you choose, with only the settings you choose, from one easy to use application. Windows Privacy Settings- Erases Windows secret index.dat file, Windows Temp Directories and files, Recent Files List, Windows Media Player recent files, Real Player recent files, Windows Search File Find recent searches, and the Recycle Bin. Internet Browsers (IE, Netscape, AOL) - Erases Browser Cache Files, Browser History Logs including typed URLs, and Browser Cookies. Erases Internet Explorer DAT files. Instant Messengers (MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AOL IM): Erases all of your private chat conversations (which are stored in log files). Microsoft Office: Erase the recent files list of Microsoft Access, Excel, Photo Editor, MS-Office, Powerpoint, Outlook, and Word. Your computer stores information about everything you do. What would someone find if they took a close look? Several people may have access to your PC. Do you want your boss, spouse, or children to have access to what youve been doing? Did you ever think about whats stored on your computer? All Web Sites youve visited. Your chat sessions are stored in a log. Every picture youve seen including those you see in popup ads. Keep your computer private!
WinXP, Win2000, NT, WinME, Win9X


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