Version 3.1 is a hotfix, as the prune for v3 failed and was showing errors on peoples pictures.

(It is very dependant on negative prompts, so use the example images as a base.) The first image uses a light map as img2img so your results may very, but i thought it looked cool so i included it.

The model is better with a VAE. (vae-ft-mse-840000-ema-pruned is fine or you can use your own.)

* For some reason (for V2) the pruned version isn't showing as the first download and the hashes have got screwy. Please use the dropdown menu to choose the smaller version if desired *

This model is a custom blend of various models, (see below), giving many options for generating a wide variety of images, including NSFW. Based on Stable Diffusion 1.5.
Primarily focused on capturing skin texture and the feel of photography, and Polaroids in general, but experiment with other things. (This model is not perfect).
Though there are is no specific KEYWORD to 'turn it on', if you use words in the prompt such as 'polaroid' , 'analog' , 'film grain', 'perfect eyes' and so forth at the start of the prompt, you should get the look you're after.
The example pictures do not have any face/eye correction or upscaling. 768 x 1024px is quite stable at producing images without 'mutation' if the prompt and neg prompt are good.
The model needs a VAE. (vae-ft-mse-840000-ema-pruned is fine or you can use your own.)

Prompt example:
(polaroid), portrait, ((extreme realistic skin detail)), (20yo) (SUBJECT NAME or PERSON TYPE), ((holding a heart balloon)), lingerie, sassy, short black hair, sharp focus, detailed skin, detailed face, skin pores, skin imperfections, film grain, dynamic lighting,
Child, jewellery, Plastic skin, Overexposed, (semi-realistic, cgi, 3d, render, sketch, cartoon, drawing, digital art, anime, painting, manga), (deformed iris), distorted body, (deformed pupils), grit, man, distorted, (extra arms), long body, male, skin rash, deformed body, mutated hands, poorly drawn eyes, head crop, smooth skin , deformed hands, (deformed proportions) , long face, long neck, looking away, puffy nipples, watermark, logo, text,

or something like:

child, blur, old face, extra arms, big chin, (long neck!), ((more than one face)), imperfect eyes, glowing eyes, (head crop), pout, (abnormal body), double head, oversaturated, (head out of frame), too close, bad hands, distant, ugly, male, fake breasts, tiling, large nipples, extra heads, deformed, cgi, anime, painting, boring pose, plastic skin, extra limbs, big forehead, abnormal, long body, long limbs, overexposed, text, watermark, hairy body

A non-exhaustive lost of models merged (because I didn't take notes): deliberate, clarity, dreamlike-photoreal, realistic vision, protogen (+ additional ones in version notes).

Made for fun, not for money or notoriety. Those who train the models from scratch are the ones deserving of applause.
Have fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with...

Unreal_engine_render__Disney_Pixar_animation___sha_X1Q7HME0.jpeg Unreal_engine_render__Disney_Pixar_animation___sha_X1PNKZF0.jpeg Disney_Pixar_animation___sharp_eyes_focus___redhea_X1MEK720.jpeg comic_book_panel__lineart_illustration___sharp_eye_X1LZIOK0.jpeg black_and_red_comic_book_panel__lineart_illustrati_X1K7PVP0.jpeg Photo__Raw___bokeh___shallow_DOF__sharp_eyes_focus_X179O060.jpeg Photo__Raw___bokeh___shallow_DOF__sharp_eyes_focus_X17Y20U0.jpeg Polaroid__Raw___bokeh___shallow_DOF__sharp_eyes_fo_X0YDK210.jpeg Damaged_Polaroid__Raw___bokeh___shallow_DOF__sharp_X0QJJUA0.jpeg