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ZipGenius 5.5


Бесплатная программа для работы с архивами. Имеет все основные, ставшие уже привычными, особенности архиваторов, но также обладает некоторыми уникальными особенностями. Вы сможете дополнительно шифровать архивы, быстро отправлять их по e-mail или публиковать в сети Интернет, используя встроенный ftp-клиент. Поддержка двадцати одного формата сжатия, пять уровней компрессии, стопроцентная интеграция с Windows Explorer, резалка файлов на куски и утилита, которая больше пригодится веб-мастеру, поскольку считает, сколько времени понадобится, чтобы закачать файл. Присутствует поддержка создания exe-файлов, поддержка сканера, опция резервирования, ведение статистики скачивания файлов, экспорт файлов, поддержка OpenOffice и многое другое.

ZipGenius is the file compression suite you were searching for: it is free and easy to use, plus it supports more than 20 formats of compressed archives, including RAR, ARJ, ACE, CAB, SQX and the excellent 7-zip.

ZipGenius has greatly evolved over the years, and today it isn't just a zip/unzip application, but a perfect companion for your work. ZipGenius is not only a great solution for those who need to archive and protect their files and projects, but also suitable for everyone who just wants to share pictures and music files.

ZipGenius features are unusual for a program of this type: you get support for TWAIN devices (scanners and digital cameras), file extraction to CD-R writer (only under Windows XP®), an FTP client (FTPGenius), and other things. ZipGenius is born to be really flexible: it fits everybody's needs.
ZipGenius frees your passions: if you like music or digital photography, if you are a webmaster or just a web amateur, if you work or study, ZipGenius is always ready to assist you with its tools. Among them ZGAlbum has an important role: it allows you to create slideshows with your favorite pictures, which can be loaded from a folder or imported through a TWAIN device.

Today ZipGenius is a mature application that uses system resources in a smart way; that's why in ZipGenius you get a whole new user interface and functions have been placed in multiple locations. Moreover, ZipGenius will allow you to use your mouse right button in a very clever way: all the most important functions have been replicated there.
ZipGenius also fully integrates with Windows® Explorer shell and, specifically, it takes advantage of using Windows® XP innovative features, such as built-in support to CD-R writers.

In ZipGenius we focused on increasing data security, so we introduced these features to achieve that result: the archive history file is encrypted, the most recently used files list can be enabled (always or per session) or disabled, and CryptoZip 2.1 gives better encryption algorhythms to lock your archives. In fact, now you can even create self-locking/self-erasing archives and you can choose to encrypt files with one of four algorhythms (CZIP, Blowfish, Twofish, Rijndael AES). Plus, CZIP files no longer depend on ZipGenius because you can create even executable CZIP (.EXE) files which will allow you to send your encrypted archives to people who (still) don't use ZipGenius.

ZipGenius has always been mindful of innovations and follows the major changes in the IT world, so this new release has a list of specific features that allow ZipGenius to interact with the most loved programs in the world:
- Support for documents is a well-known suite of office applications and a great product of the open source community. These programs produce their own files in a special format: they are .ZIP archives with a custom file extension containing some XML files, which programs merge together to rebuild the original documents. ZipGenius takes care of this feature and allows you to manage those files as if they were common zip files, plus you can optimize them: in fact, doesn't use the maximum compression level available for .ZIP format, but ZipGenius does. When you optimize an document with ZipGenius, you will gain from 5 to 10 KB of size reduction (depending by the content of the Oo_Org file) because ZipGenius will recompress the document with the "Brutal" compression level.
- Support for 7-zip compression format
The 7-zip compression format, conceived by Igor Pavlov (, can surely be considered as the best successor to ZIP format, which is getting older day by day. 7-zip is really powerful and it is suggested when you have to compress multimedia files, such as videos and MP3s.
- Multilianguage system
ZipGenius now is really ready for everybody: it can be used in other languages besides English and Italian.



ZipGenius 5.5 Standard Edition (7.2 Mb)
- ZipGenius main application
- Scan & Zip
- Help Files
- English / Italian languages

ZipGenius 5.5 Suite Edition (8.9 Mb)
- ZipGenius main application
- FTPGenius
- ZGAlbum + Scan & Zip
- Cutter 4.3
- Additional themes
- Help Files
- English / Italian languages


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ZipGenius 6 Suite Edition (8.51 MB)

This is the full edition of ZipGenius.
This package fits all needing and it is conceived for users with high expectations and for people that needs very advanced features; this package ships with additional skins and tools, that usually are available as separate downloads.
This package contains:
  • ZipGenius - main application
  • FTPGenius - FTP client
  • Scan & Zip + ZGAlbum
  • Cutter 4.5 - ZGTool that splits large files into smaller parts
  • Additional skins
  • ZG Password Manager
  • Language files in english and italian
Russian language pack v300

The setup of a language pack is really easy, so just perform the following tasks:
  1. Download a language pack to your desktop.
  2. Double-click on language pack icon.
  3. Follow on-screen instructions.
  4. The setup will tell you when the language pack will be installed.
  5. Launch ZipGenius and push F12 on your keyboard to access the options panel.
  6. Click the Layout button, then click on the Language tab; browse the language list and check if your desired language is in that list.
  7. Select your language and click Apply.