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Архиватор от создателей формата ZIP. Отличается высокой степенью компрессии (до 95%), поддержкой файлов неограниченного размера, встроенными стойкими алгоритмами шифрования (including AES 256-bit). Автоматически встраивается в MS Outlook и Lotus Notes. Поддерживает ряд распространенных форматов, в т.ч. и RAR.


Features & Benefits:

- Industry-Leading Data Compression

- Cross-Platform Compatibility
Guarantees portability of files created with PKZIP from Windows to other operating systems including UNIX, Linux, iSeries, and zSeries.

- BZIP2 Compression
Can achieve up to 20% better compression on many file types, including database files and text files. BZIP2 also optimally compresses XML data.

- Multi-Format Compatibility
Allows the unzipping of any ZIP file as well as .tar, .gz, .jar, .uue, .xxe, .rar, .hqx, .tgz, .cab, and many other commonly used archive file formats.

- Virtually Unlimited ZIP File Size
Allows for ZIP files exceeding the 4-gigabyte archive size limitation common with other less capable ZIP products, and the creation of archives in excess of a terabyte in size.

- More Files Per Archive
Allows up to 262,144 compressed files per ZIP archive—greatly exceeding the 65,535 file limit of other ZIP products.

- File Splitting or Spanning
Splits an archive into configurable segment sizes for storage on local drives or removable media. This feature is great for email attachments that are too large for many email systems.

- Adjustable Compression Speed
The higher the compression rate, the more time it takes to compress an archive. In some environments, minimal compression time takes precedence over maximum compression rate. PKWARE allows you to customize your compression speed to the setting that is appropriate for you or your organization.

- Embedded Text Comments
With PKZIP you can easily include notes or instructions in your archive.

Add-On Modules

- Powerful Command Line Interface
Power desktop users can easily integrate industry-leading compression into scripted processes.

- Microsoft® Outlook® and Lotus Notes® Email Integration
Seamless integration with these popular email clients enables automatic zipping or encryption of email attachments. The feature can be easily enabled or disabled through a toolbar toggle button.

- Set Filters in Microsoft Outlook or Notes
PKZIP allows users to specify file types that they want to always zip and encrypt. They may also configure a size threshold so that file attachments of a certain size are always automatically compressed.

- Administrative Module
Policy Lockdown allows organizations to enforce data compression and security policies and by locking settings across entire user groups. Administrators can set options so that select file types or file sizes are always encrypted when sent. Contact PKWARE Sales directly for this feature.

Usability Features

- Intuitive Graphical User Interface
New icons, comprehensive wizards, and automated common functions improve usability and eliminate the need for extensive user training.

- Rezipping Functionality
Allows editing of the contents of a file or files directly within a ZIP archive using the associated application—a time-saver that eliminates the need to manually extract a file, edit it, and then rezip.

- File Information Modification
Allows for modifying file properties within an archive without requiring re-creation of the archive.

- Right-Click Functionality
Provides the ability to easily zip, unzip, view, or modify ZIP files from anywhere within Windows Explorer or the Microsoft Windows desktop.

Security Features

- Password-Based Strong Encryption
Secures files and ZIP archives against unauthorized viewing using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). PKZIP is powered by RSA® BSAFE encryption software from RSA Security®, enabling the highest standards in data privacy and authentication.

- Decryption of Password-Based or Certificate-Based Strongly Encrypted Files
PKZIP can open files created by PKWARE products on other computing platforms. Includes the ability to decrypt ZIP files encrypted with AES, 3DES, and many other strong encryption algorithms.

- Filename Encryption
Reduces information security risk by masking filenames from individuals without the proper authority to view them.

- Digital Signature Authentication
Verifies digital signatures to assure that transmitted documents have not been tampered with and the author's identity is electronically confirmed.

- Smart Card Support
Interoperability with Smart Card management systems—including ActivCard Gold 2.0, Aladdin eToken 2.x, or RSA Passage 3.4—allows users to digitally sign, encrypt, and decrypt files with certificates stored on portable tokens for added security.

- File Wiping
Deleted files remain on a user's disk and can often be fully or partly recovered. PKZIP can overwrite the file's data so that it cannot be read by prying eyes.

- Virus Scan Support
Integrates with top anti-virus programs for automatic scanning of files extracted from ZIP archives.




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