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NaDa™ is a new concept


New member
NaDa™ is a new concept. A thought, really. It is very light : 1 byte. It doesn't take long to fetch. It doesn't take long to understand. It doesn't disturb your habits nor does it makes you feel insecure. It is a reassuring piece of software that does nothing, and does it very well. That's a lot !

Most products we see on the market want to increase our productivity, organize our screen joyfully or make wonders with our sound card, but NaDa™ does nothing. This is a revolutionary whole new approach, a concept far beyond what you usually expect from the software industry. Download it and forget it.

What is NaDa™ ?
NaDa™ is a simple document that will make you feel good.
NaDa™ does not take much place on a hard disk drive, it is only 1 byte.
NaDa™ does nothing and does it in a very efficient way.
NaDa™ does not waste precious processor cycles because it is actually doing nothing.
NaDa™ does not use any memory.

Who can use NaDa™ ?

Everybody ! NaDa™ does nothing for everybody. And it's free.

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