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В этой теме будем размещать книги по различным ОС (операционным системам), их настройке, обслуживанию....
Это наверно будет самая большая специализированая тема в книжном разделе, ведь тут и *nix системы и Windows и любая другая операционка...


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Большое всем спасибо за теплые слова благодарности, но согласно пункту III/15 общих правил, прошу воздержаться от постов в одно- три слова("спасибо", "биг респект" и т.п).
Пишите такие сообщения, чтобы и другие смогли прочесть что-то полезное для себя(как работает, читается, где еще есть книги по теме и т.п.).
Посты не несущие (для всех) смысловой нагрузки- очень засоряют темы(до линков не добраться) и поэтому они будут удаляться, так что без обид...

III/15. Создание сообщений типа "спасибо", "thanks" и т.п. категорически НЕ рекомендуется, для выражения благодарности есть служба личных сообщений(ЛС ака личка), специальный ТОПИК [ , репутация и банеры внизу страницы .
Последний вариант приветствуется особо и этим Вы действительно нас благодарите...
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Иллюстрированный самоучитель по Windows XP (CHM, 10 Мб)


Иллюстрированный самоучитель по Windows 2000 (CHM, 8 Мб)


Windows Server 2003 Weekend Crash Course

Don Jones
ISBN: 0-7645-4925-1
432 pages
April 2003

Focus: Book consists of 30 sessions that teach the core concepts of Windows .NET Server to Windows Administrators over a weekend. Covers the new features of the Windows .NET Server, including headless servers, Remote Desktop Services (RDS), and performance management. Learn how to implement Windows .NET Server as the base OS for the Microsoft .NET Framework and.NET Enterprise Servers, including SQL Server 2000 and Exchange 2000 Server. Covers Windows .NET Server's improvements to networking, Active Directory, usability, reliability, scalability, disaster recovery, management, and Internet integration as well as Windows basics and architecture; installing the Windows .NET Server; and managing server security.
Running example: A running example of a fictitious major international bank is used to demonstrate key concepts.
Windows interface tutorial on CD: For readers with no prior Windows experience at all, a Windows interface tutorial will be included as an appendix on the CD that accompanies the book.
WCC series features: Each session takes 30 minutes to complete. Four time-to-go icons gauge the reader's progress through any given session. "Quiz Yourself" questions (at the end of each session) and "Part Review" questions allow the reader to review what they have just learned. Skill assessment software on the CD-ROM helps readers gauge their skill level before and after reading this book.

Качаем (5.17Mb):
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Amazon Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tools

By Paul Bausch
August 2003
Series: Hacks
ISBN: 0-596-00542-3

Amazon Hacks is a collection of real-world tips, tricks, and full-scale solutions to practical uses of Amazon.com and the Amazon Web Services API . The book offers a variety of interesting ways for power users to get the most out of Amazon and its community, for Associates to hone their recommendations for better linking and more referral fees, for researchers to mine the enormous amount of information in Amazon's data store, and for developers to integrate Amazon Web Services into their applications and services.

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IRC Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools

By Paul Mutton
July 2004
Series: O'Reilly Hacks
ISBN: 0-596-00687-X

There are several different areas you need to master to become a true IRC hacker. At the core is the conceptual model of IRC, while layered around that are the protocols and clients used to access the IRC networks. The book is divided into 15 chapters, starting with the basics and progressing to cover interesting hacks involving bots and client enhancements:
Chapter 1, Connecting to IRC
Chapter 2, Using IRC
Chapter 3, Users and Channels
Chapter 5, Writing IRC Bots
Chapter 6, Logging Bots
Chapter 7, Community Bots
Chapter 8, Search and Query Bots
Chapter 9, Fun Bots
Chapter 10, Announcement Bots
Chapter 11, Network Bots
Chapter 12, Channel Management Bots
Chapter 13, The IRC Protocol
Chapter 14, Other Ways to Connect to IRC
Chapter 15, Servers and Services

Более подробно можно почитать тут:

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Flash Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools

By Sham Bhangal
June 2004
Series: Hacks
ISBN: 0-596-00645-4
352 pages

If you've ever seen an especially cool Flash effect on the web, gone straight to your trusty Flash book to find out how to do it, then turned away empty-handed--Flash Hacks is for you. This unique book offers a collection of expert Flash tips and tricks for optimization, creating interesting effects, ActionScript programming, sound and video effects, and much more--and you don't need to be an expert to use them (although you'll certainly look like one).

With Flash technology, you can create compelling web content, expressive user interfaces, and rich applications for the Internet--all of which dramatically enhance the user experience. But Flash is not just practical, it's a wellspring of opportunities to unleash your creativity and have fun. Flash Hacks dives straight into all that's fun and creative about Flash, while presenting useful programming techniques and practical--although never mundane--hacks that can make your work easier.

Geared to cover Flash MX, Flash MX 2004, and Flash MX Professional 2004, Flash Hacks begins with hacks on authoring, testing, and web environments. You'll learn how to beat the Flash bloat bug, realistically simulate the web, create a JavaScript-free Flash sniffer, and hack a spellchecker for Flash.

Other hacks in the book are grouped in the following areas:

Flash Assets (sound, video, and bitmaps)
Code hacks
Events and event handling
Advanced animation
UI design hacks

True to O'Reilly's popular Hacks series, Flash Hacks tackles problems and solutions that aren't dealt with elsewhere. You'll pick up insider tips from the experts, and learn about amazing and sometimes quirky aspects of Flash. If you want more than your average Flash user--you want to explore and experiment, unearth shortcuts, create useful tools, and come up with fun things to try on your own--Flash Hacks is the book you'll need.

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Wireless Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools

By Rob Flickenger
September 2003
Series: Hacks
ISBN: 0-596-00559-8

As with any new technology, buying your gear is only the first step. Understanding how to make the best use of it is another story. Wireless Hacks offers 100 industrial-strength tips about wireless networking, contributed by experts who apply what they know in the real world every day. Each Hack can be read in just a few minutes, but can save you hours of research. Inside, you will find a wealth of useful techniques for making the most out of wireless technology, including:

- Making sense of the alphabet soup of the 802.11 standards, and understanding which technology makes sense for your solving particular problem
- Using Bluetooth, mobile radios, mobile data networks, and other exotic methods to keep you connected, no matter where you are
- Practical methods for detecting, analyzing, and monitoring wireless networks
- Extending the range of your network, and making the best possible use of the available radio spectrum
- Designing and building your own antennas
- Engineering long distance network links that span several miles
- Understanding the security issues of wireless networking, and protecting yourself and your users from unauthorized access and eavesdropping

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PayPal Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools

By Shannon Sofield, David Nielsen, Dave Burchell
September 2004
Series: Hacks
ISBN: 0-596-00751-5

If you've bought or sold items through eBay, or through hundreds of other online sites, then you're familiar with PayPal, the online payment service. With PayPal, a valid email address, and a credit card or bank account, you can easily send and receive payments online. Not a bank or financial institution itself, PayPal describes its service as one that builds on the financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards, and using advanced propriety fraud prevention systems, creates a safe, global, real-time payment solution. Put simply, PayPal provides the means for people to conduct financial transactions online, instantly and securely.

But there's more to PayPal than meets the eye. PayPal Hacks shows you how to make the most of PayPal to get the most out of your online business or transactions. Authors Shannon Sofield of Payloadz.com and PayPal evangelist David Nielsen guide you through the rigors of using and developing with PayPal. Whether you're building an ecommerce site using PayPal as a transaction provider, or simply trying to pay for an eBay auction without getting burned, PayPal Hacks will give you the skinny on this leading global online payment service.

The collection of tips and tricks in PayPal Hacks shows you how to find or even build the right tools for using PayPal to buy and sell on eBay or as a transaction provider for ecommerce on your own site. Written for all PayPal users, from those just starting out to those developing sophisticated ecommerce sites, this book begins with the basics such as setting up your account, then moves quickly into specific tips and tools for buyers, sellers, and developers.

With PayPal Hacks, you can:

Learn extra steps to help protect yourself while buying or selling on eBay
Save time and money with advanced tips and undocumented features
Learn dozens of easy-to-follow procedures to help you request and receive payments and fill orders
Use PayPal to handle subscriptions, affiliate systems, and donations
Create and customize your customers checkout process
Effortlessly integrate PayPal s shopping cart system into your own website
Implement digital fulfillment with Instant Payment Notification (IPN) and Payment Data Transfer (PDT)
Develop and distribute ecommerce applications with the PayPal API

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Online Investing Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools

By Bonnie Biafore
June 2004
Series: Hacks
ISBN: 0-596-00677-2

For the geek who's an investor, and the investor who's a geek, we present Online Investing Hacks, 100 industrial-strength, bleeding edge tips, tools and techniques for analyzing and managing online portfolios.

Individual investors have become more computer-literate and technology-dependent than ever before. Whether you're looking for suitable investments, studying alternatives, or managing your portfolios, you need data. The Internet can be a goldmine of financial data and research, but today's online investors also use spreadsheets, databases, and financial applications to select, study and manage investments. If your proficiency has grown to the point where you crave industrial strength tips and tools to turbo-charge your efforts, this is the book for you.

Online Investing Hacks covers:

Screening Investments
Collecting Data
Fundamental Analysis
Technical Analysis
Executing Trades
Investing in Mutual Funds
Portfolio Management
Updating Stock Data
Financial Planning
Project Management

Other books for managing online investing are either out of date, are for beginners and don't go beyond the most basic advice, or are so dull and boring they squeeze that last bit of fun out of the topic. Online Investing Hacks is for the customer who wants to know the latest techniques, to go beyond the basics, who gets jazzed by cool online tools and services, and who actually wants to have a bit of fun while trying to strike it rich (or at least not lose their shirt).

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Flash Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools - отличная книжка.

Может у кого-то есть файлы-примеры к ней (из нее) (antart.fla, butterfly.fla, ...)?
Русский мануал по Mysql 4 в CHM формате можно скачать здесь:
Файл будет хранится 7 дней
Книжки по ОСям есть, но не знаю куда выкладывать:

CRC Press - Unix Administration.pdf
Hack Proofing - Linux - A Guide to Open Source Security.pdf
Hack Proofing - Sun Solaris 8.pdf
Hack Proofing - Windows 2000 Server.pdf
HungryMinds - Linux+ Certification Bible.pdf
Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out Deluxe Edition.chm
Mission Critical! - Windows 2000 Server Administration.pdf
MS Press - Microsoft Windows XP Registry Guide Book.pdf
MS Press - Windows 2000 Server.CHM
O'Reilly - Running Linux. - 4th Edition.pdf
O'Reilly - Understanding The Linux Kernel.pdf
Paraglyph Press - The Mac OSX v.10.2 Jaguar Book.pdf
Red Hat Linux Networking and System Administration.pdf
Red Hat Linux Security and Optimization.pdf

и это еще не все... Будут реальные предложения с удовольствием выложу. Такие как webfile не подойдет, слишком мало лежит, а народ книжки постоянно спрашивает...

Если будут предложения, то лучше в , чтобы не засорять тему.
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Т.к. книги уже выложены, решил и сюда линк поместить. ;)

В архиве:

- Linux Network Administrator's Guide, Second Edition
- Linux Network Administrators Guide
- Red Hat Linux Networking and System Administration
- UNIX System Administration


Всем привет. Вот немного ссылок :) на следующие книги:

MS Press - Windows 2000 Active Directory Programming
_ftp:// Press - Windows 2000 Active Directory Programming/book.CHM 3,5 Мб

MS Press - Windows 2000 Server Administrator's Companion 2nd
_ftp:// Press - Windows 2000 Server Administrator's Companion 2nd/book.chm 6,5 Мб

MS Press - Windows 2000 TCP IP
_ftp:// Press - Windows 2000 TCP IP/book.chm , 3,5 Мб

MS Press - Windows Server 2003 TCP IP Protocols and Services Technical Reference
_ftp:// Press - Windows Server 2003 TCP IP Protocols and Services Technical Reference/book.chm , 1,5 Мб

_ftp:// Press - Windows XP INSIDE OUT - DELUXE ED/book.chm , 23 Мб

Hungry Minds - Exchange 2000 Server Administrator's Bible
_ftp:// Minds - Exchange 2000 Server Administrator's Bible/book.pdf , 30 Мб

Hungry Minds - Windows XP Bible
_ftp:// Minds - Windows XP Bible/book.pdf , 16,5 Мб

Hungry Minds - Windows 2000 Server Bible
_ftp:// Minds - Windows 2000 Server Bible/book.rar , 7,5 Мб

A-List Publishing - Windows Server 2003 Registry
_ftp:// Publishing - Windows Server 2003 Registry/book.chm , 28,5 Мб

A-List Publishing - Windows .NET Server 2003 Domains & Active Directory
_ftp:// Publishing - Windows .NET Server 2003 Domains & Active Directory/book.chm

Addison Wesley - Inside Windows Server 2003
_ftp:// Wesley - Inside Windows Server 2003/book.chm , 15 Мб

Addison Wesley - Inside Windows Storage
_ftp:// Wesley - Inside Windows Storage/book.chm , 2,5 Мб

Addison Wesley - The Ultimate Windows 2003 Server Admin Guide
_ftp:// Wesley - The Ultimate Windows 2003 Server Admin Guide/book.chm ,16 Мб

Que - Platinum Edition Using Microsoft Windows XP
_ftp:// - Platinum Edition Using Microsoft Windows XP/book.chm , 21 Мб

Кому надо качаем, книги, разумеется, на английском языке.
Boson Practice Tests for Linux Red Hat v5.49
«Automating UNIX and Linux Administration»
-раздача на avaxhome:
В книге предложено много рецептов решения типичных задач с обзором всех за и против...
Выложил книгу книгу по Windows Server 2003 в chm-формате, размер 18,4 Мб, на русском языке. Забираем на _http://fishchel.amillo.net/knigi3.html, где найдете и её содержание.

С сайта _http://fishchel.amillo.net книгу пришлось удалить по требованию издательства. Теперь книга выложена в другом месте, линк в теме по книгам на русском языке _http://dumpz.ru/showthread.php?t=9481
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Есть книги по курсам Microsoft


Deploying and Managing Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000
на английском
Курс 2159
Designing a Secure Microsoft Windows 2000 Network - на английском
Курс 2150
Implementing Microsoft Windows 2000 Profesional and Server - русский язык
Курс 2171

Кому надо рисуйте отсюда _http://nbd.chat.ru/EBOOK/
Материалы к курса на компактах выложить не могу, нет прямого выхода в ИНЕТ.

Hibernate: A Developers Notebook

By James Elliott
May 2004
ISBN: 0-596-00696-9

Do you enjoy writing software, except for the database code? Hibernate:A Developer's Notebook is for you.

Database experts may enjoy fiddling with SQL, but you don't have to--the rest of the application is the fun part. And even database experts dread the tedious plumbing and typographical spaghetti needed to put their SQL into a Java program. Hibernate: A Developers Notebook shows you how to use Hibernate to automate persistence: you write natural Java objects and some simple configuration files, and Hibernate automates all the interaction between your objects and the database. You don't even need to know the database is there, and you can change from one database to another simply by changing a few statements in a configuration file.

Hibernate: A Developer's Notebook walks you through the ins and outs of using Hibernate, from installation and configuration, to complex associations and composite types. Two chapters explore ways to write sophisticated queries, which you can express either through a pure Java API, or with an SQL-inspired, but object-oriented, query language. Don't let that intimidate you though: one of the biggest surprises in working with Hibernate is that for many of the common real-world application scenarios, you don't need an explicit query at all.

Скачать можно тут: