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IL-2: Forgotten Battles is the full-featured sequel to the realistic, multi-award winning IL-2: Sturmovik World War II combat flight simulation. IL-2: Forgotten Battles adds new maps and missions for both single and multiplayer play, as well as dozens of new World War II aircraft, including the American P-47 "Thunderbolt" and German Ju-87 "Stuka." All the aircraft from the first IL-2 game return. Players may choose to play from any time of 1941 to 1945 and fly for either Germany, Russia, Finland or Hungary. A new Dynamic Campaign System has been added for almost limitless replayability. Dynamic campaigns are automatically generated, and the player can select his or her nation, squadron, and aircraft to fly. Players can also decide when they want to join the war. After the completion of each mission, the results will be processed and another mission will automatically be generated - and so on, until the end of war. Results of one mission will carry on to the next and no two missions will be the same. During the campaigns, forces will advance or retreat, based on the history of the battles. However, frontline movements can speed up or slow down in limited degree. Additionally, resource tracking is present and objects destroyed in one mission will stay destroyed in the next. Every destroyed plane, friendly or hostile, reduces the number of planes of this type in the theatre, making their appearance less likely. Destroyed trains and transport columns will affect supply rate. If an ace is killed or captured, he will not appear in future battles.
quadron management will also play a key-role in the dynamic campaign system. Every pilot has a name, photo (it is possible to replace the default photos) a rank, medals, sorties and kills. Each pilot's skill level is defined by combat experience. Pilots can be killed, captured, promoted, awarded or transferred. Losses are replaced, but new pilots will likely have minimal combat experience. Each squadron has a limited amount of combat ready planes, and if this number drops below some point, the squadron will be short-handed.


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