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CyberCoded ASP Scripts (SPK100)


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0 ASP Scripts (SPK100)

- CyberLogin
- CyberLinks
- CyberSpyder
- CyberWhois
- RFI Form
- U.S. Database
- While You Were Out

Release Date : 2005-07-02

U.S. Database
The samples include the ability to measure distances between Zip Codes and a full Search system. The package (download) contains the Database with several tables and queries, source code for the sample pages from below and a graphic of each State Flag.

CyberLogin - A Login and Authorization system that emails the user and webmaster and stores information in MS Access Database.

CyberLinks is a system to allow you to build a database of links. From this database you can create links that will Track each hit to the respective Link.

The CyberSpyder is a utility to extract META information from websites and post them to an Access Database using XMLHTTP. It also has connectivity to CDONTS to email the webmaster and the submitting person.

Enter a URL without any Protocol or Extension, select the Extension to check in the Pull Down list and press submit.

RFI Form
The Request Form is designed to place 3 key functions into one simple to maintain page. 1) Input form to collect information from the visitor 2) Post the data from the form into a database 3) Email the webmaster the form data.

While You Were Out
While You Were Out Phone Messages - No more Pink Slips !!! Send WYWO messages direct from the database. The form is automatically filled in with the Sender and Recipients addresses from the database.

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