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большинство конечно не Null day
Последнее редактирование модератором:




Powerful ad serving solution allows you to start serving Text Ads, Banners
and Freeform HTML in multiple sections on your website in a matter of
minutes. Advertisers can quickly purchase ads & display them on your site or
your network of sites in minutes. Setup multiple ad rates, serve multiple
banner sizes, totally customize innovative Text Ads (like Google AdWords),
and include freeform HTML.




ExpressionEngine, our flagship product, is a modular, flexible,
feature-packed web publishing system that gives you the firepower to create
a site with zero compromises. What do you want to communicate? How do you
want to present it? What level of interactivity do you require?
ExpressionEngine lets you fully realize your creative vision.
ExpressionEngine supports great add-on modules - an image gallery, a moblog
module, and our new discussion forum, to name just a few - so you can build
your dream site.
NOTE: You can download the latest plugins here: but watch out for possible Callbacks!


ImpEx its self is the import / export system for vB3.


vBulletin is a powerful, scalable and fully customizable forums package for
your web site. It has been written using the Web's quickest-growing
scripting language; PHP, and is complemented with a highly efficient and
ultra fast back-end database engine built using MySQL.
NOTE: Enjoy the new completely revamped message editor for vBulletin 3.5 in
a full nulled release - still Interal because it's a Beta.
Последнее редактирование модератором:




Supplied by ...: Friend
Cracked by ....: Team SF
Release Date ..: 06/23/2005
Type ..........: PHP
Protection ....: License Check

BlogHoster was designed for web hosting companies or other community
focused websites. The program allows you to create a full-featured
weblog hosting service in which users can signup, choose/edit their
template, write entries and comments, create a user profile, add
friends, etc. The entire visual frontend of the software is generic, so
you can easily give it your website's look and feel. You can even have
ads automatically inserted on your users' weblogs.


Supplied by ...: Friend
Cracked by ....: Team SF
Release Date ..: 06/23/2005
Type ..........: PHP
Protection ....: License Checks, Watermarks

PHP Live! enables live help and live customer support communication
directly from your website. With PHP Live!, you can provide one-on-one
chat assistance in real-time, answer visitor questions and add that
extra human touch to your website.
Certain copyright comments were kept in the source code, as it is a
violation of OSICodes's license terms to remove them. If they are
removed, OSICodes can quickly find out that you are running an
unlicensed copy.




NullifiER.....: TeaM SCRiPTMAFiA
pAcKeR........: TeaM SCRiPTMAFiA
ReLeAsE dAtE..: 06/23/2005
Language......: PHP/MySQL
TyPe..........: Gallery System
PROTECTiON....: License, Callhomes, Refferer, Copyright

A very flexible and stylish PHP/MySQL media gallery for private and
commerical use. Basic features of the latest version include: autom.
creation of thumbnails and middle-sized images, video and audio streaming,
zip download, rating system, bulk import, slideshow, e-cards and multiple
language support etc.




aeDating 3.3 is our most advanced version of matchmaking software to date.
With new features, higher levels of security, and a completely new modular
structure, aeDating 3.3 offers the most powerful tool in dating site
Online chat; instant messenger; photos upload; shopping cart; voice and
video; shoutbox; moderators; virtual kisses; ZIP code locator; affiliate
program; admin panel; invite friend; polls; multiple languages; hot list;
rate profile; templates; links; banners; rate photo (Hot or Not); feedback;
news; forum; and more are all included.


With vBadvanced gallery you can allow your members to share and discuss
their images and multimedia files on your web site. It includes more
features and flexibility than most other image galleries available on the
market today and is very easy to set up, use, and maintain. Being completely
built around vBulletin, it offers tighter integration than any other image
gallery can provide. It allows unlimited categories, subcategories, and
uploads. Also includes many other options such as user favorites,
subscriptions, comments, ratings, automatic image resizing, multimedia file
support, and much more!


vBulletin is a powerful, scalable and fully customizable forums package for
your web site. It has been written using the Web's quickest-growing
scripting language; PHP, and is complemented with a highly efficient and
ultra fast back-end database engine built using MySQL.
NOTE: Internal because it's a Beta.




Powered by PHP and MySQL, Subdreamer provides the ability to create dynamic
websites while giving full control over every section of the site. A
powerful content management system with an amazing skin engine which
provides users with unique and cool looking skins!
Subdreamer comes with great plugins such as the Article System and Image
Gallery. A Link Directory plugin to post all your links and even allow
members to add theirs! Guestbook, Chatterbox, Contact Form, and a lot more!




Time-proved shopping cart software trusted by thousands
of successful business owners worldwide. Web based
administrator area and installation wizard make setup and
maintenance of the shopping cart easy like point and
click. Free technical support provided with every software
license guarantee smooth launch. No PHP or other
programming knowledge is required to setup and run a world
class online store. Please view the live stores.

The software has no logic limitations on number of
products. Code is optimized for smooth performance with up
to 20 000 products. Please note: performance depends on
server configuration. Special hardware and software
optimization allows X-Cart run up to 500 000 products.




Google Adword Rank Monitor is PHP script that can
monitor google adword position and google query result
position. You can monitor your website position in
google result and also how well your competitor's by
target keywords.


Start your own Autoresponder business and earn a great
income by selling memberships with your own AlstraSoft
Autoresponder Pro! Compete with industry leaders like and

AlstraSoft Autoresponder Pro has been designed to compete
with other top autoresponder companies. Not only can you
start your own eBusiness and earn $$$, you can also
skyrocket your sales and save lots of time with
AlstraSoft Autoresponder Pro, the professional
autoresponder service.


Domain Sponsors Pro is the ultimate domain monetization
software which allows you to operate an online business
just like and
Domain Sponsors Pro enables you to operate a service which
allows domain owners looking to get MAXIMUM REVENUES from
domain traffic by displaying advertiser's PPC search
engines, affiliate programs or targeted ad copy on their
domain names.

Domain Sponsors Pro comes with a built-in domain owner and
advertiser membership system which is integrated with
Paypal and 2checkout so that you can receive funds from
advertisers and send money to domain owners.


AlstraSoft E-Friends is an online social networking
software that allows you to start your own site just like
Friendster and The E-Friends software allows
members to connect to people in their personal networks
and community, creating a new online interactive resource
that is based on a trusted network of friends and
associates on the internet.

Members can use this abundant network to make friends,
find their love ones, locate jobs, buy and sell stuff,
locate a roommate, and accomplish much more with the help
of groups and individuals who they know and share the same

With our new 4.0 release, you can now start a profitable
social networking business by creating custom membership
packages using Paypal payment gateway. In addition, we
have added several new exciting features including online
blog, forums, text-based chat, events and many more!
Enhancements are also added to the admin backend and with
our integrated banner ads system, you can earn extra
income by publishing paid banner ads on your E-Friends


How would you like to own your very own payment
processing website and business built with security minded
programming? EPay Pro is the ultimate software solution
for those who wish to run their own Paypal, Stormpay, or
e-gold type of online business. Epay Pro comes with a
ready out of the box website with all the features you
need to run your own payment gateway system.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out this type of
website is a sound business investment. If advertised
right this type of website can make you $1,000 - $10,000 a
week! $4,000 - $40,000 a month! $52,000 - $520,000 a year!

A peer to peer payment system like this one will build a
good customer base quickly using simple viral marketing
techniques allowing its users to pay for auctions,
services and goods. You can charge from 2.5% - 7% per
transaction! You get 100% of those profits as you will
completely own the website.

EPay Pro is completely secure and is based on the power of
PHP and MySQL with encryption techniques installed on the
authorization modules of the site for complete security of
the funds of the users. The extensive admin panel offers
an absolute control over the whole website and provides
the administrators with complete stats of the activity of
the site.


FlyAds Pro is a revolutionary breakthrough in Internet
Marketing technology. With FlyAds Pro, you can start your
own Fly-In Ad exchange service just like!
Since most advertising methods such as pop-up advertising,
banner advertising and email advertising are practically
"worn out" (most people see them and ignore them), FlyAds
Pro provides an unexpected, fresh type of ad that
instantly grabs visitor's attention.

In addition, since the ad cannot be ignored (it must be
physically viewed and closed before the web surfer can
continue), it is hundreds of times more effective than any
other form of advertising currently found on the net.
Start your own turnkey Fly-In Ad exchange service with
FlyAds Pro now!


Do you know where your Internet visitors are coming from?
How can you market your site successfully when you do not
know who is visiting your site, where they are going, or
where they came from?

In today's competitive marketplace, it is no longer good
enough to simply put up your website, sit back and wait
for the money to roll in. Knowing where you visitors are
coming from is essential in maximizing the profits coming
from your traffic.

We all spend time and money marketing our sites, but
without knowing the geographic profile of your site
traffic, that effort could be wasted.

Careful analysis of where your visitors are coming from
can give you lots of marketing ideas, and also help you
determine which ones live up to their promise.

AlstraSoft Geo Redirect Pro can accurately identifying the
geographic location from which visitors access web sites
and the network origin of the visitors request can allow
you to garner more revenue, as you are able to serve and
exit a more targeted experience. By providing a solution
that allows you to target traffic on a global basis will
allow you to maximize every hit. Websites are more
meaningful if theyТre tailored to local interests and this
guarantees that visitors will always get relevant content
or opportunity.

By detecting the geographic location of a visitor you can
assign default languages and payment methods. If your
online store is not capable prepared of handling all types
of e-commerce payment methods available globally than you
are missing out on a huge chunk of potential income. As we
know, not all online buyers purchase online using credit
cards and there are a variety of other payment
alternatives. Language can be specified and you can either
assign non-English speaking visitors to a default sponsor
who provides translated web page options or provide your
own customized page!

The result is the ability to get a particular hit, through
content and a transaction sequence that is optimized for
their region. With the InternetТs growth in locations such
as Asia, this will continue to serve as a necessity for
those who wish to provide a truly scalable service to
themselves and their affiliates.


AlstraSoft Live Support is a PHP based customer live help
software which allows you to run a profitable e-business
offering professional remotely hosted live customer
support service for your members just like PHPLiveSupport
and LivePerson.

AlstraSoft Live Support provides real-time customer
support and visitor communication directly on your
member's site. With Live Support, members can truly
provide human interaction to visitors by allowing them to
close a sale, provide web-based live chat or simply answer
any questions customers may have. Live Support also
features an automated payment membership system so that
members can pay for your live support service using or payment gateway.


AlstraSoft Text Link Exchange Pro is a complete traffic
exchange system which allows you to start and run your own
successful text link exchange program. AlstraSoft utilizes
the traffic building features of a banner exchange and the
ease of text and put them together into our Text Link
Exchange Pro software. Instead of rotating huge images,
we rotate small textual links similar to Google Adwords!


vBulletin is a powerful, scalable and fully customizable
forums package for your web site. It has been written
using the Web's quickest-growing, scripting language; PHP,
and is complemented with a highly efficient and ultra fast
back-end database engine built using MySQL.


Online keyword research tool help you select keyword
and research keyword for internet marketing or SEO
(Search Engine Optimization), You can find how many
search times on internet for your keywords and
generate a keyword list. Deep analyze option can help
you find all related keywords and search times. The
keyword list report can be downloaded as CSV format.
You can easily generate a report such as Top 3000 Most
Searched Keywords on internet.

2 Scripts in One

Keyword Research and Similar Keyword Generator


Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool v2.2 is the leading
Overture script on the market. Enabling your users to
select countries and export to five different file
formats. Simply type in your query and select a
country of your choice. The most searched for keywords
will appear on the results page including their search
count. You can then export them in: TXT(Text),
XLS(Excel), INI(Config), XML(Markup Language), or
CSV(Comma Separated Value).

No webmaster related website should be without this
script. Go ahead and give it a try. If you enjoy the
script and would like to own your very own copy then
please order below.

Script Overview:
Pulls suggested keywords/count from Overture
TPL(Template) Driven easy to change design
Export to 5 different file formats
Easy to read display
Logo/Flag Icons PSD included!
Последнее редактирование модератором:




The Gaming webmasters solution. Easy template system,
dynamic menu and page builder, and a complex game system.
It can ht can handle news, reviews, previews, cheats,
guides, game facts, and user reviews. This is not a
website-in-a-box, it is designed for webmasters who know
html, but need a php/mysql system fit for their needs.

This version adds a few major additions - forum
integration (vB, IPB and phpBB), a new Media Mod
(thumbnailing, watermarking), user collections/wishlists,
an auto image inserter for articles (see the Help file for
usage details), a games list mod and some other minor
additions and fixes.


distrib, не плохо было бы перевести описание на русский. Могу подсобить.




One Admin is a unique platform that comes standard with all Comdev
components. With One Admin v3.1, site owners dont have to log into
four different pieces of software. Login once and thats it, youТre in!
Even more exciting, with One Admin v3.1, its possible to administer up
to 15 different components in the same administration.

One Admin - это уникальная платформа, которая входит в стандартную
поставку всех Comdev components. С помощью Оne Admin владельцам сайтов
не придется логиться в каждой из четырех отдельных программных частей,
достаточно одного раза. Более того, с помощью One Admin v3.1 можно
администрировать до 15 различных компонент.


Copper 2005 is a web-based project management and
collaboration software tool enabling creative teams to
share and manage information more effectively Ц
anywhere, anytime.
With its intuitive interface, powerful features, and secure
architecture, Copper makes users at various levels within
your organization more efficient. Your team can quickly
find and then complete outstanding tasks, while
management have full visibility of project information in
real time.

Copper 2005 - это web-based менеджер проектов и групповых разработок,
предназначенный для обмена и управления информацией в любое время в
любом месте".
Обладает интуитивным интерфейсом, большими возможностями и безопасной
архитектурой, что позволяет пользователям с различными уровнями
подготовки работать более эффективно. Ваша команда может быстро найти
и выполнить текущее задание, в то время как менежмент имеет полную
информацию о проекте в режиме реального времени.


imageVue is an online gallery for viewing images in a
good-looking, yet functional layout. It is easy to setup -
and to update your gallery with new images , you only
have to upload them to your server. Everything else is

imageVue - это удобная online галерея, предназначенная для просмотра
изображений. С ее помощью Вы сможете максимально легко добавлять и
обновлять Ваши изображения - достаточно только загрузить их на сервер. Все
остальное происходит автоматически.


This utility has been created to import users to Support
Center from a .csv file,
we have chosen this format since is compatible with
practically any database application.
We have designed the script in order to be the safest as
for what should not exist any problem, but anyway it's
to make a backup of the table 'users'.

Утилита предназначена для импорта пользователей в Support Center из .csv
файла. Авторы выбрали этот формат в связи с тем что он совместим
практически с любой СУБД.
Скрипт разрабатывался чтобы быть как можно более безопасным, но тем не
менее авторы рекомендуют сделать backup таблицы users'.


Support Center is a fully automated help desk system
that increase the productivity and efficiency of your
support staff. It is an ideal solution for companies with
one or more than one technician who require to support
several users. Support Center incorporates many
features to streamline support and improve customer

Main Features:

100% Web Based.
Full tickets management.
Unlimited customers and technicians.
Users can create tickets through email and web.
Automated email notifications to users and technicians.
View and manage users database.
Unlimited custom fields.
Integrated knowledge base.
Multiple languages support.
Easy customization and integration.

Support Center - это полностью автоматизированная система учета заявок на
техническое обслуживание. Идеальное решение для компаний,
занимающихся техническим обслуживанием клиентов.

Основные возможности:
100% Web based
Полный учет заявок
Неограниченное количество клиентов и техников
Возможность для клиентов создавать заявки посредством email и web
Автоматическое оповещение клиентов и техников по email
Редактирование базы данных клиентов
Неограниченное количество дополнительных полей
Встроенная база знаний (knowledge base)
Многоязыковая поддержка
Легкость настройки и внедрения

за перевод спасибо GI80


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Нет ли скриптов баннерообменных сетей с поддержкой flash?