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    Software/Scripts ICYMI: improved C++ vulnerability coverage and CodeQL support for Lombok

    In the ever-evolving software development landscape, static application security solutions face a unique challenge: as applications grow in complexity, they rely heavily on a diverse array of libraries, frameworks, and custom code. Ensuring the security of such intricate systems requires a...
  2. Git

    Software/Scripts Swift support brings broader mobile application security to GitHub Advanced Security

    Mobile applications have become a fundamental part of everyday life, from how we work, communicate, and entertain ourselves. We rely on mobile applications for their convenience, ease of use, and ability to provide access to a wide range of services and information on the go. At GitHub, we want...
  3. Git

    Software/Scripts ICYMI: CodeQL enhancements

    Over the last year, GitHub has brought a number of enhancements to CodeQL, the semantic analysis engine that powers code scanning. You can now scan new languages, detect new types of CWEs, perform deeper analyses of your applications, and enjoy improvements to the user experience. Let’s check...
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    eSupport 3.30.02 Nulled. Скрипт службы поддержки. За качество нулика ничего сказать не могу, сам еще не ставил и поэтому все на ваш страх и риск. Демонстрация пользовательской части: _ Демонстрация панели управления администратора...
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