Protecting your copyrights

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Use the tariff plans “Deleting 1 link” or “Deleting 10 links” if you want to delete a photo, video or recording of an online broadcast from the pages of a pirated Internet resource, from file sharing servers or from search engines.

The primary purpose of these tariff plans is to remove your content from the sites where it is posted. If this is not possible due to the location of the servers of pirated sites on the territory of states with non-loyal copyright laws, or for other reasons, we will remove all the links you specified from the search results.

If you want to remove or exclude from the search engines a large number of links to recordings of your broadcasts, use the tariff plan “Removing up to 150 links”. In this case, illegal content is likely to be removed from the site where it is posted. Or it will remain on a third-party resource, but it will not be possible to find it using popular search engines.